Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Just Listen by Sarah Dessen

I am on a bit of a Sarah Dessen kick, this is one I had read before, but it was just as good the second time through.

In Just Listen, we meet the Greene family. A normal family with 3 girls, 3 girls who fight, laugh and all of whom are involved in modelling. From the outside, their family looks like a perfect family. Yet, from the inside, things are much different. One of Annabel's older sisters is recovering from an eating disorder that really rocked the family and the oldest sister is off at University and seems to really be changing as well.

Then, there is Annabel- whose friendship with Sophie ended in the most terrible way and Sophie works very hard to make her life miserable at school. The only way Annabel knows how to deal with this is to retreat into her own silent world. But, then she meets Owen- a boy who never lies- even when it makes others uncomfortable. As Annabel and Owen grow closer, she is forced to deal with the issue that split her and Sophie up- something Annabel is trying desperately to forget.

I think of Sarah Dessen as the Jodi Picoult for young adults, she deals with such great topics. I think all girls should read her books!
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