Sunday, July 19, 2009

Twenty Boy Summer by Sarah Ockler

This book was a lovely look at the promise of first love and the many questions it can leave you with. Anna and Frankie have been best friends forever. Now, they are spending 3 weeks on holiday together and Frankie has decided that they need to meet one new boy each day (thus the title). Frankie is slightly boy crazy and is eager for their contest to begin. Anna however has a secret, a secret she promised she wouldn't reveal to Frankie. Anna was in love with Frankie's older brother Matt the year before- just weeks before he died. This secret is eating Anna up. She has always shared everything with Frankie, but her family is falling apart because of Matt's death and Anna isn't sure how to grieve for Matt. This summer holiday is suppose to be a fun way for the family to gain some normality in their lives, but for Anna and Frankie, the pressure of the twenty boy summer starts to really affect their friendship.

I thought this book was brilliant, it really captured the feeling of that first love. However, I would be very careful who I gave this book to because there are some scenes and content that are not appropriate for some readers.
Here is an interesting interview that Sarah Ockler gave to another blog:

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