Sunday, July 19, 2009

Lock and Key by Sarah Dessen

I have always like Sarah Dessen books. I think she writes about some really interesting topics that have a large appeal for girls.

This book, deals with two sisters who had to work together to survive their mother's drinking, drugs and other inappropriate behaviour. They basically had to not only raise themselves, but also look after their mother. There is ten year between Ruby and Cora, and when Cora goes off to college, Ruby is left alone with her mother and looses touch with Cora. Now, ten years later, Ruby's mother has taken off and while she tries to keep things going at home, but it is tough to hold it all together. Suddenly, Cora and her husband Jamie are there insisting that she come and live with them. Ruby finds herself living in a beautiful home, going to a private school and surrounded by 'perfect' people. But all of this is hard for Ruby, it is hard for her to trust or get close to anyone. Ruby learns about friendship, trust and family through all the people she meets.

I really loved this story!

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